Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

The Privacy Policy is part of the General Conditions governing this Website.
VERSION 01/06/2018

Who is the data Controller?

Area Ind. Torregroses – C / Bronce, 8-B
 03690 – San Vicente del Raspeig
 CIF (VAT No.): B54988738
 Telephone: +34 91 298 02 08

Feel free to contact us!
We reserve the right to change or adapt this Privacy Policy at any time. We recommend you to check it, and if you have registered and you access your account or profile, you will be informed of these changes.

If you belong to any of the following groups, please read the information below:

Web or Email Contacts

Which data do we collect through the Website?
We can anonymously process your IP, which operating system or browser you are using, and even for how long you are visiting us.
If you provide us with your data through the contact form, you will identify yourself so that we can contact you, if necessary.

  • To answer your questions, queries or requests.
  • To manage the requested service, answer your query, or deal with your request.
  • Information by electronic means, relating to your request.
  • Commercial or event information by electronic means, provided that there is express authorization.
  • To perform analysis and improvements on the Website, about our products and services. To improve our business strategy.

Acceptance and consent of the data subject: Where in order to make a request it is necessary to fill in a form and click on the send button, the completion of the form will necessarily imply that the data subject has been informed and has expressly given his/her consent to the content of the clause attached to the form or acceptance of the privacy policy.
All our forms have the * symbol in the required data. If you do not complete these fields, or do not tick the checkbox accepting the Privacy Policy, the sending of the information will not be allowed. The formula is usually as follows: “[] I am over 14 and I have read and accept the Privacy Policy.”

Newsletter Contacts

Which data do we collect through the newsletter?
You can subscribe to the Newsletter on the Website, if you provide us with an e-mail address. The Newsletter will be sent to this address.
We will only store your email in our database, and then send you emails on a periodic basis, until you request to unsubscribe, or we stop sending emails.
You will always have the option to unsubscribe, in any communication.

  • To manage the requested service.
  • Information by electronic means, relating to your request.
  • Commercial or event information by electronic means, provided that there is express authorization.
  • Perform analysis and improvements in our mailing, in order to improve our commercial strategy.

Acceptance and consent of the data subject: In those cases where you subscribe it will be necessary to accept a checkbox and click on the send button. This will necessarily imply that you have been informed and have expressly given your consent to receive the newsletter.
If you do not tick the checkbox accepting the Privacy Policy, sending the information will not be allowed. The formula is usually as follows: “[] I am over 14 and I have read and accept the Privacy Policy.”


What is the purpose of your personal data processing?

Eco Cero will process your personal data for the following purposes:

  • To manage the contractual relationship and the provision of the services requested by the customer.
  • To carry out all the administrative, tax and accounting procedures necessary to fulfil our contractual commitments and tax and accounting obligations.
  • In the event of a direct debit, Eco Cero will manage the payment collection in the account provided for this purpose and on an indefinite basis, as long as the relationship between both parties continues, by means of the bills for the payment of the services provided by Eco Cero.

For how long will we keep your personal data? Your personal data will be kept for the duration of the service.

Once the service has been completed, your data will be kept for a period of 5 years. Once this timeframe has expired, your data will be securely destroyed in accordance with Law 41/2002 of 14 November on customer autonomy and rights and obligations regarding information and documentation.

Your data processed for sending advertising and promotions by Eco Cero will be kept until the consent given is revoked.

What are the legal grounds for the processing of your data? Entering into a contract for the provision of services.

Explicit/express consent of the data subject:

  • The processing of your data is legitimised by the consent given by the customer when requesting Eco Cero’s services.
  • The sending of information about the different services provided by Eco Cero is based on the consent given by the data subject.

Compliance with a legal obligation

The management of the payment collection of the bills for the services rendered is covered by Law 16/2009 on Payment Services.

Which recipients will your data be disclosed to? The personal data collected will be processed exclusively for the proper performance of the service.

Within the framework of the inspection, evaluation, accreditation and planning functions, your data will be made available to duly accredited technical staff as part of their duties to check the quality of the service, respect for your rights or any other obligation of the company in relation to customers and users or the Public Administration itself.


Which data do we use as a supplier?

  • Information by electronic means, relating to your request.
  • Commercial or event information by electronic means, provided that there is express authorization.
  • To manage the administrative, communications and logistics services carried out by the Controller.
  • Billing.
  • To carry out the transactions as appropriate.
  • Invoicing and declaring the applicable taxes.
  • Control and recovery procedures.

The legal basis is the acceptance of a contractual relationship, or failing that, your consent when contacting us or offering us your products in any way.

Social Media Contacts

Which data do we use from social media?

  • To answer your questions, queries or requests.
  • To manage the requested service, answer your query, or deal with your request.
  • To interact with you and create a community of followers.

The acceptance of a contractual relationship in the context of the relevant social network, and in accordance with its Privacy policies:






*(Google+ and Youtube) 

For how long will we keep your personal data? We can only consult or cancel your data on a restricted basis when having a specific profile. We will process your data for as long as you allow us to do so by following us, being friends, or by clicking on “like”, “follow” or similar buttons.
Any rectification to your data or restriction of information or publications must be done through the settings of your profile or user in the social network in question.

Job seekers

Which data do we use from your CV?

  • Organisation of selection processes for the recruitment of employees.
  • To contact you for job interviews and evaluate your candidacy.
  • If you have given us your consent, we can transfer it to collaborating or associated companies, with the sole purpose of helping you to find a job.
  • If you tick the checkbox accepting the Privacy Policy, you are giving us your consent to transfer your job application to the companies that make up the company group with the aim of including you in their personnel selection processes.
  • We also inform you that after one year from receiving your curriculum vitae, we will proceed to its secure destruction.

The legal basis is your unambiguous consent, by sending us your CV.

Do we include personal data of third parties? No, as a general rule, we only process the data provided by the holders. If you provide us with third-party data, you must first inform and request the consent of such persons; otherwise, you hold us harmless from any liability for failure to comply with this requirement.

What about data from minors? We do not process data of minors under 14 years of age. Therefore, please refrain from providing your data if you are not of that age or, where appropriate, providing data from third parties who are not of that age. Eco Cero disclaims any liability for failure to comply with this provision.

Will we be using electronic communications?

  • They will only be used to manage your application, provided that it is one of the means of contact you have supplied us with.
  • Commercial communications must have been previously and expressly authorised by you.

What security measures are implemented? You can rest assured: We have implemented an optimum level of protection for the Personal Data we handle, and have in place all the available technical means and measures in accordance with the state of technology to prevent the loss, misuse, alteration, unauthorised access and theft of Personal Data.

Which recipients will your data be disclosed to? Your data will not be transferred to third parties, except under legal obligation. Specifically, they will be disclosed to the State Tax Administration Agency and to banks and financial institutions for the payment collection of the service provided or product purchased, as well as to data controllers necessary for the performance of the agreement.
In the event of purchase or payment, if you choose any application, website, platform, bank card, or any other online service, your data will be transferred to that platform or processed in its environment, always with the maximum security.
The web development and maintenance company, or the hosting company, will have access to our website upon our request. These companies shall have entered into a service provision contract that binds them to maintain the same level of privacy as we do.
Any international transfer of data when using American applications will be subject to the Privacy Shield agreement, which guarantees that American software companies comply with European data protection policies on privacy.

What are your Rights? You have the right to:

  • Know whether we are processing your data or not.
  • Access your personal data.
  • Request the rectification of your data if they are inaccurate.
  • Request the deletion of your data if they are no longer necessary for the purposes for which they were collected or if you withdraw your consent.
  • Request the limitation of your data processing, in some cases, and we will only therefore retain them in accordance with the regulations in force.
  • Request the portability of your data, which will be provided to you in a structured, commonly used or machine-readable format. If you prefer, we can send them to the new data controller of your choice. It is only valid in certain cases.
  • File a complaint with the Spanish Data Protection Agency or competent control authority, if you believe that we have not served you correctly.
  • Revoke your consent for any processing that you have given, at any time.
  • If you change any of your data, please let us know so that we can keep them up to date.

Would you like a form for the exercise of your Rights? 

  • We have forms for the exercise of your rights. You can request them by email or, if you prefer, you can use the ones prepared by the Spanish Data Protection Agency or third parties.
  • These forms shall be signed electronically or be accompanied by a photocopy of your ID card.
  • If someone is representing you, you shall attach a copy of his/her ID card, or have him/her sign it with his/her electronic signature.
  • Forms may be submitted in person, sent by letter or by e-mail to the address of the data Controller above mentioned. 

How long does it take us to reply to the exercise of your Rights?
It depends on the right, but one month at most from your request, and two months if the matter is highly complex so we will notify you that we need extra time.

Do we process cookies? In the event we use other types of cookies than those required, you may consult the cookie policy in the relevant link from the home page of our website.

For how long will we keep your personal data?

  • Personal data will be kept as long as you remain linked with us.
  • Once you have unlinked, the personal data processed for each purpose will be kept for the time period required by law, including the time period within which a judge or court may require such data in accordance with the statute of limitations for legal actions.
  • The data processed shall be kept until the aforementioned legal periods have expired, in the event that there is a legal obligation to keep them, or if there is no such legal period, until the data subject requests its deletion or revokes the consent given.
  • We will keep all information and communications regarding your purchase or service provision, for the duration of the product or service warranty, in order to deal with any possible complaint.
  • For each processing or type of data, there is a specific period, which is listed in the table below:







Forms and coupons


10 years

15 years

5 years

Human Resources

Payroll, TC1 and TC2 (Social Security forms), etc.


Severance pay docs
Temporary workers data

Worker file

10 years

Until the end of the selection process, and 1 more year with your consent

4 years

Up to 5 years after termination


Databases or website visitors

For the duration of the processing




10 years

5 years

Access control and video surveillance

Visitors list


30 days

30 days lock
3 years destruction


Accounting Books and Documents
Shareholder resolutions and boards of directors, company bylaws, minutes, regulations of the board of directors and delegated committees
 Financial statements, audit reports
 Records and documents related to grants

6 years

Tax affairs

Keeping of the company’s administration, rights and obligations regarding the payment of taxes
Management of dividend payments and tax withholdings

Information on intra-group pricing

10 years

18 years
 8 years for intra-group transactions for price arrangements

Security and Health

Workers’ Medical Records

5 years


Information on chemical or substantially hazardous substances

Documents related to environmental permits. As long as the activity is being carried out.

Records on recycling or waste disposal

Grants for cleaning operations must retain documents of rights and obligations, receipts and payments.

Accident reports

5 years

10 years

3 years after the closure of the activity
 10 years (statute of limitations for the crime)

3 years

4 years

5 years


Insurance policies

6 years (general rule)
 2 years (damages)
 5 years (personal)
 10 years (life)


Records of all supplies of goods or services, intra-Community acquisitions, imports and exports for VAT purposes

5 years

Legal affairs

Intellectual and Industrial Property Documents
 Contracts and agreements

Permits, licenses, certificates

Non-disclosure and non-competition agreements

6 years from the expiration date of the permit, license or certificate
 10 years (criminal statute of limitations)

Always the term of the obligation or confidentiality

LOPD (Data Protection Act)

Processing of personal data, if different from the processing notified to the AEPD (Spanish Data Protection Agency)

Personal data of employees stored on the networks, computers and communications equipment used by them, access controls and internal management/administration systems

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