Acoustic panels

ECOcero® brand panels are manufactured with the best acoustic materials available today. This allows us to achieve the highest level of sound absorption with the least degree of treatment.

ECOcero offers different models of acoustic panels in a large number of painted and canvas finishes. In any case, we can manufacture customised acoustic panels to adapt them to any interior design project.

ECOcero panels are used to reduce noise levels in any space while its versatile design can be adapted to any type of decoration. They are easy and quick to install and no building work is required.

Our panels are very easy to install. They are mostly designed to be installed by gluing them to the ceiling and/or walls, although we also offer the option of having them suspended.

Our decorative acoustic panels can be installed in any premises with the need to improve interior acoustic comfort such as: offices, schools, restaurants, gyms, celebration halls, call centres, coworking spaces, pubs, discos, sports halls, dental clinics, driving schools, training academies, workshops, pharmacies, hotels, industry, music schools, dance schools, jazz venues, recording studios, home cinemas, multipurpose rooms, hospitals…